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Fusionex Awarded Contract with One of the World’s Largest Logistics Company

Multi-award-winning data technology specialist Fusionex has won a multi-year contract with a major international logistics conglomerate, in which it will utilize its state-of-the-art digital solutions to further enhance customer experience and achieve improved business insights.

The client is a decades-old logistics group with more than 350,000 employees in over 200 countries that provides integrated services and tailored, customer-focused solutions for managing and transporting letters, parcels, goods and information. In its commitment to tackle complex digital challenges, the client has chosen to partner with Fusionex to modernize its customer experience.

Fusionex will be providing cutting-edge solutions leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Automation to advance the client’s existing platform, logistics systems and daily operations, to name a few. An AI-powered virtual sales assistant will be made available to address customer requests, solve problems and manage shipment orders to create futuristic experiences – ones that are virtually fully automated.

The client will also incorporate Fusionex GIANT’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA), shifting their operations from reactive to proactive, as well as transforming their processes from manual to autonomous. This will allow customer shipment orders to be seamlessly integrated into the client’s back office system. As the virtual assistant (VA) and AI platform is available 24/7, it will help the client stay responsive to incoming queries as well as manage a greater volume of customer interactions. In doing so, this will widen the funnel and increase the probability of converting visitors into customers.

Additionally, the VA and AI platform’s scalability, aided by Machine Learning, will allow it to handle hundreds of thousands of shipment orders at any given point in time, resulting in long-term sustainability to cope with increasing traffic. Yet, beneath this sophisticated technology lies a VA that is easy and natural to interact with, much like a real-life attendant. With this seamless integration, the client’s end-customers will not need to install another app on their mobile phones.

“We are thrilled to be working with the client to help simplify, transform and integrate advanced digital technologies into their core operational ecosystem and processes. In this hyper-connected world where consumers expect immediate results, it is crucial that our client is able to prioritize their customers at the heart of their digital supply chain. We at Fusionex believe that our innovative AI-powered solutions will be able to help our client overcome bottlenecks (congestion and spikes in customer requests), enabling the discovery of new opportunities, enhancing customer experiences and therefore reshaping what is possible in the logistics industry,” said Fusionex Group CEO Dato’ Seri Ivan Teh.

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How Big Data Can Impact Your Business

According to IBM, we produce 2.5 quintillion bytes of information every day. These information originates from all spheres of activity and all over: to call simply a few, data’s originated from sensors, social networks websites, digital images, web logs and transaction records of online purchases etc,.

In general, information can be categorized into three categories. Any information which can be kept in databases can be called as Structured information. For instance, deal records of online purchase can be stored in databases. Thus, it can be called as Structured information. Some information can be partially stored in databases which can be called as Semi-Structured data. For example, the information on the XML records can be partly saved in databases and it can be called as Semi Structured Data.

The other types of information which will not fit into these 2 categories are called as Unstructured Data. Among others, data from social media websites, web logs can not be stored evaluated and processed in databases, for that reason it is categorised as Unstructured Data. The other term used for Unstructured Data is Big Data.

According to NASSCOM, Structured Data represents 10% of the overall data that exists today in the Web. It represents 10% of semi-structured information and the remaining 80% of data comes under Unstructured Data. In general, companies use analysis of Structured and Semi Structured Data utilizing traditional information analytics tools. There was no advanced tools offered to evaluate the Unstructured Data till the Map Reduce structure which was developed by Google. Later on, Apache established a framework called “Hadoop” which analyses all these Information and reveals info which will be of great help for business to take better decisions.

Hadoop has already shown its importance in a number of locations. For instance, according to NASSCOM, numerous companies have actually started using Big Data analytics. National Oceanic and Environment Administration (NOAA), National Aeronautics and Area Administration (NASA) and several pharmaceutical and energy companies have started utilizing big data analytics thoroughly to anticipate their customer behaviour.

According to a recent research from Nemertes group, organizations view value in Big Data analytics and preparing to have a better take advantage of in profiting of Big Data Analytics. The New York Times is using Big Data tools for text analysis, and Walt Disney Business utilize them to associate and understand customer behaviour in all of its shops and amusement park. Indian IT companies such as TCS, Wipro, Infosys and other key players have actually likewise begun to gain the immense capacity which Big Data continues to provide.

This plainly shows that Big Data is an emerging location and many companies have started to check out new opportunities. Meanwhile, use Big Data is proving to be beneficial however at the same time it may likewise be noted that personal privacy and information security concerns have also increased.

The concern about Big Data analytics is quite valid from the viewpoint of privacy. Let me provide an extremely easy example. Nowadays I am quite sure that most of us use Social network such as Face book, Twitter and lots of other social forums and most of us see videos on YouTube. Envision these websites utilizing Big Data Analytical tools to determine your activity on the Internet, to analyse data, your search behaviour and the content you have actually seen in social networks. Through Big Data your activity on the Social Media Online forum can be clearly determined. This is a blatant offense of your personal privacy. Further, simply think of the organization is sharing the information from the analysis to a few marketing agencies, this in turn produces more privacy issues.

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Now let us go over things from the data protection viewpoint. As usual. Big Data is kept in Cloud environment. It means the information is distributed over the network and kept somewhere in the Globe. Let me give an example. Let us state you live in UK and access some social media website and your information including your profile might be saved in a country in Asia or in some other country. If the social networks site decides to offer a few of the information including your information to a marketing agency, they will be in a position to acquire complete access to your profile, including your contact number.

If the marketing firm tracks the geo-location of the contact number, they will be in a position to tape your total motions right from the time you leave your home and move on to your pal’s home, when you leave your home for work and even your see to your enthusiast will likewise be tape-recorded. Equipped with this information, marketers may utilize things for their advantage according to the regular routine embraced by you every day and they can likewise locate you and promote their ventures any place you are. It plainly reveals that Data security is another significant concern with Big Data Analytics.

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Several legislators and regulators around the world have voiced their concern about Big Data analytics. Organizations such as Consumer Guard dog have actually likewise raised apprehensions about privacy and data protection connected with Big Data Analytics. According to a report from Gartner, “Forty one percent of customers state they would be concerned about personal privacy if they were to use mobile location services so that they can receive more targeted deals through marketing or commitment programs”.